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Car Rental Services in Miami, Florida

Car Rental Services in Miami, Florida: This is a car rental services guide for tourists visiting Miami, Florida. Included are five different places to rent a car, vehicle availability and rates, reservation information and other helpful advice that travelers need to know before renting a car in Miami.

InteramericanCar Rental Service is located at 3275 NW 24th Street Rd Miami, FL 33142. Their phone number is 305-635-6081. The cars available include every maker of vehicles, except for Honda, a representative at Interamerican Car Rental tells me. He went on to say that rentals are always available. Further, he said that their standard rates for renting a car were between $40 and $45 per day. Reserve ahead of time, although, it's very likely that you can walk-in and still get a car, since he came across as if they have many, many vehicles. Still, I'd suggest, if at all possible, reserving a car ahead of time.

ThriftyCar Rental is located at 17800 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura. Their phone number is (305) 871-5051. Their website address is worldwideweb thrifty dot com. The cars available include all sizes, economy, compact, mid-size, standard, full-size, premium, luxury, SUV, Specialty, Mini-Van, Van, Wagon, Convertible, Pickup, and Beyond Luxury-hmm...wonder what's "beyond luxury." Whatever it is it's not available at this specific car rental location.

The rates for a standard size rental for one day are $99.99, with unlimited mileage. Economy cars available for rental include a Chevrolet Aveo at $32.99 a day with unlimited mileage. In fact, as far as I can see, all of Thrifty's Car rentals come with unlimited mileage. The compact car rental is a Dodge Caliber at $34.99 a day. The mid-size is a Chrysler Sebring at $95.99 a day. Skipping down to the SUV that is rented at Thrifty, it's a Jeep Grand Cherokee at $127.99 a day. And for the convertibles, after all it is Miami, Florida we're talking about here, it's a Chrysler Sebring Convertible at $100.99 a day. Call ahead for reservations to ensure you get a car when you need it. Again though, as a walk-in, you're quite likely able to get one without a prior reservation.

National Car Rental is located at South Miami Beach (MIAS01) 2401 Collins Ave Miami Beach , FL 33140. Their phone number is 1-800-227-7368, and for the hearing impaired the phone number is1 (800) 328-6323. Their website address is world wide web nationalcar dot com. The vehicles available for rental include economy, compact, mid-size, full size, convertible, premium, luxury, SUV Crossover, and a Full size SUV. The economy vehicle is a Chevrolet Aveo at $27.95 a day to rent. The compact is a Chevrolet Cobalt at $27.95 a day for the rental. The mid-size is a Pontiac G6 at $29.95 a day to rent. The full size is a Chevy Impala at $35.95 a day to rent. The convertible is a Chrysler PT Cruiser at $66.90 a day to rent. The premium vehicle for rent is a Buick Lucerne at $70.95 a day. The luxury vehicle is a nice Cadillac DTS at a cool $72.90 a day to rent. The SUV crossover is a Chrysler Pacifica at $95.95 a day. The full sized SUV is a Dodge Durango at $123.95 a day. Call ahead for reservations or visit the website to make reservations for your car rental.

Hertz Car Rental is located at Miami International Airport. Their phone number is 800-654-3131. Their web address is Hertz dot com. The car rental types are in interesting group of category names, including the green collection, the fun collection, the prestige collection, the compact/mid-size group of rentals, the standard/full size group of rentals, the premium rental category, the SUV/minivan category, the convertible category, and the family pack vehicles. I like the way they categorize their rentals. And as you can see, should they be out of a certain vehicle you may have reserved in the, let's say of the standard model, chances are you're going to be given a full size model for your trouble. Not bad Hertz, not bad at all. What's good about Hertz as well, is that they have the green collection of cars for the environmentally-minded renter. And $1 of each rental fee they collect goes toward the National Park Foundation-see this article for more about Hertz donating toward the National Park Foundation.

Airport Car Rental

ar Rental Services in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Finding a car to rent in Fort Lauderdale can seem like a huge challenge if you are not from the area, but not if you know all the right places to look. There are many car rental agencies that are in search of your business and I have listed some really great car rental agencies that will fit your needs no matter what your needs are.

Able Car Rental is located at 2929 SE 6th Ave, which is close to the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport. Able Car Rental offers free pick-up and drop-off when available and carries many forms of transportation. Their transportation ranges from limos and shuttles, car rentals, and luxury car rentals and their services start out at $22.95. For more information about Able Car Rental, call (954) 761-8844 and they can give you an exact list of the available vehicles that they can provide for you.

Payless Car Rental is located at 2125 S Federal Hwy and they offer great rates and discounts on car rentals. Payless Car Rental services the Ft. Lauderdale area and also the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for your convenience. The Payless Car Rental offers a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from and their category includes airport car rental, and cheap car rental. For more information on the availability of vehicles and discounts that they offer, you can call their business number at (954) 524-2965.

The National Car Rental System Incorporated is located at 200 S Andrews Ave in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and they offer different types of rental transportation to fit your needs. The National Car Rental System Incorporated can be reached at (954) 320-4000. If you do not find a vehicle that you want, be sure to ask if they have one at another location. A lot of car rental companies will try to find you the vehicle that you want so that you can be a happy customer and come back to their agency whenever you need to rent a vehicle.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is located at 1812 S Andrews Ave in Fort Lauderdale Florida and like the commercial often says, they will pick you up. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a wide variety of rental vehicles to choose from and you can contact them by calling (954) 524-0443. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is well known for their services and prices and be sure to ask if they have multiple day discounts available for you.

Budget Car Rental is also a good car rental service that is located in the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They offer different types of car rentals including Fort Lauderdale Airport Car Rental. Budget Car Rental can be contacted at (954) 359-4700. With this car rental agency being located in the airport, it is sure to help you out so that you don't have to go around trying to find a car rental agency to provide you service.

So, no matter what you are in the mood for when it comes to renting a car, these car rental agencies are there to meet your needs and to make it a price that you can afford. Having these car rental agencies close to the airport will come in handy when you get off of your flight because you won't have to contact a taxi to take you across town just so that you can rent a vehicle and most of these car rental agencies will even come to the airport or wherever you are to pick you up.

Airport Car Rental

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Where I Can Find Information About Car Rental in International Airport Worldwide ??

Where I Can Find Information About Car Rental in International Airport Worldwide ??